Ahad Rizvi

VP of Finance

Ahad is a fifth-year Finance student at Ted Rogers School of Management, with minors in Economics and Real Estate Management. Through his work experience at CMHC and OTPP, Ahad gained a passion for real estate and aims to utilize his position in TRREA to further develop his knowledge of real estate.


TRREA has always been a student group that hosts quality events and fosters unmatched connections between students and industry professionals. Ahad is motivated to further TRREA’s impact and reach this year by securing funding to support the team’s ambitious plans and ultimately give back to a student group that has offered great insight into the real estate industry. 


One goal that Ahad is aiming to achieve this year is to secure record amounts of funding from our university by preparing and delivering high-quality pitches to staff and other student leaders. As TRREA grows and matures, Ahad aims to leave the group with more than enough funds to host even larger events in the future.