Ashley Castillo

Director of Events

Ashley Castillo is a third-year co-op student at Toronto Metropolitan University, majoring in Real Estate Management, and is currently the Director of Events at Ted Rogers Real Estate Association (TRREA). Born and raised in major cities, her passion for real estate dates back to her childhood, making her studies in the field a natural choice. 


Ashley Castillo’s passion for being the Director of Events in the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association (TRREA) likely stems from her desire to be hands-on and deeply involved in the real estate industry. This role allows her to actively shape and contribute to the real estate community at her university. By organizing events related to real estate, she can create opportunities for students to learn, network, and engage with industry professionals. This hands-on involvement not only showcases her dedication to the field but also provides her with valuable experience in event planning and leadership, which can be beneficial for her future career in real estate management.


Ashley Castillo’s overarching goal by the end of the year is to secure a co-op or internship placement in the real estate industry. Being a part of TRREA plays a crucial part in this endeavour. Through TRREA’s network and resources, she believes she can expedite her journey toward this goal. By actively participating in TRREA’s activities and leveraging the connections she builds, Ashley aims to access valuable opportunities that will help her gain practical experience and further advance her career aspirations in real estate management.