VP of IT and Analytics 

Filip Popovic, VP of IT & Analytics at the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association, is a third-year Business Management student majoring in Real Estate Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. Passionate about real estate, he explores construction intricacies and the technical aspects shaping the industry.

In 2022, Filip initially attended a TRREA event and found the dynamic atmosphere and engaging community compelling. After exploring multiple club options, he identified TRREA as the most valuable choice. Recognizing the need for updates following TMU’s name change and envisioning new growth opportunities, Filip seized the chance to contribute to the club’s development. His decision was motivated by a desire to bridge existing gaps, particularly in updating the TRREA website, and to actively participate in the implementation of fresh initiatives, thereby playing a key role in the club’s continued growth and success.

With a keen interest in website development and backend operations, his goal is to enhance his analytical skills. He aspires to lead a team in building an exceptional website and implementing a robust analytical tracking system by year-end. This initiative aims to fuel TRREA’s growth, broaden its reach to students and industry professionals, and better understand its audience.