Corporate Relations Associate

Josh Klomp is a Corporate Relations Associate at the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association. He is a second-year student in the International Economics and Finance program, who is minoring in Real Estate Management. He is a current Mortgage Loan Renewals intern at Equitable Bank with a goal of breaking into Real Estate Investment Banking in the future. 

Josh Klomp has always had a love and passion for real estate. From a young age he was always fascinated by Real Estate and learning about what it would be like to work in an industry so important and influential in everyone’s day-to-day lives. He saw the opportunity early into his first year to join the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association and joined his first year as a General Associate for the group. While happy with the group in his first year, Josh decided for his second year that he wanted a more influential and variable role. Josh was given the opportunity to join the Corporate Relations team for his second year and found exactly what he was looking for in the department. He loved the connection and relevance of the department to his current and future work experience in which he would pitch the association to sponsors and reach out to industry connections for the group’s events. 

Josh believes that through his experience as a Corporate Relations Associate, he will continue to better develop his pitching/sales skills which will be critical to achieving the goals he has for his career. He also believes that learning and harnessing the skill of reaching out and maintaining connections, is one that will play a crucial role in making his name in an industry that is known for being a “people-oriented” industry.