Lavin Arulanandam

Director of Marketing

Lavin Charles Arulanandam is the Director of Marketing for the Ted Roger Real Estate Association. Lavin is a fourth-year student pursuing the field of Business Management while majoring in Real Estate Management and minoring in both Information Technology Management and Business Law. While working at Home Life Realty Today, he assists many realtors around the GTA with various listings and transactions.


Lavin brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table, having spent considerable time honing his skills while also pursuing photography part-time in the industry. His enduring commitment and creativity allow him to craft content that stands out distinctly. Beyond his marketing background, Lavin’s familial roots in real estate and mortgage lend him a unique perspective and expertise in these areas.


With a rich background, Lavin actively merges these valuable attributes into TRREA. His intention is to leverage his marketing acumen to contribute significantly to the organization’s success. In doing so, he aims to propel TRREA to new heights.


With his sociable and outgoing personality, Lavin strives to create everlasting connections within TRREA and those in the commercial and real estate development industry. He pursues his career in real estate development while he also aims to work in many different sectors across the field to get experience in different areas and expand his network.