Mehran Dehgran

Co-Chair of Conference

Mehran Dehghan is the Co-Chair of Conference for the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association. He is a 5th year Real Estate Management student at Toronto Metropolitan University. Mehran has a great deal of knowledge in both Real Estate and Marketing as he interned as part of the Marketing and Brand Partnerships team at the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) this past summer. Furthermore, he is very excited for his new role for the upcoming year as it is a huge step forward from his position last year on the team as Director of Corporate Relations.


From a young age, Mehran developed a passion for real estate as he was always very fascinated with single-detached homes, condominiums, and other real estate developments in respect to how they were built and designed as well as the role they play in our day-to-day lives. As he entered University, he enrolled into the business management program at the Ted Rogers School of Management for the sole purpose of majoring in Real Estate Management so he could further understand real estate and its various sectors, such as commercial real estate. Through being in the program, he heard of TRREA and the prominent role they play in connecting students from the academic space to the industry through its many events and networking opportunities. This motivated Mehran to join TRREA as he wanted to be a part of a team that promoted unity and valuable connections between students who want to put their foot in the door of real estate.


Mehran’s goal by the end of the year is to create meaningful connections not only with the members on the team but also with those attending TRREA’s events throughout the year. He is also looking forward to securing a career in Asset Management through attending the various networking opportunities TRREA provides for students.