Moeez ALI


I am a 4th year Honours Bachelor of Commerce Economics & Management Science Co-op student with a minor in Finance. I am also on my Co-op term as a Finance Co-op at Kimberly-Clark. I am an Analyst at TRREA, where I am responsible for analyzing data for the team. I am passionate about programming, history and economics!


My passion for programming has always led me to be more inclined into more technical roles. When I saw that TRREA was hiring for an Analyst, I gravitated towards applying as I knew my programming skills would align with the Analyst position. I also have a passion for Economics and groups that align with it, such as TRREA.


My goal for the end of this year is to expand my network and learn more about the Real Estate Industry, especially in the current economic climate we are in. TRREA will allow me to join a group of individuals who are just as passionate about the Real Estate Industry leading to a shared learning experience.