Sabreena Sandhu

VP of Events

Sabreena Sandhu is a driven fourth-year student at Toronto Metropolitan University, specializing in Real Estate Management. As the Vice President of Events at Ted Rogers Real Estate Association (TRREA), Sabreena exemplifies her passion for event creation and recognizes the pivotal role of meaningful connections within the real estate industry.


With a keen interest in various facets of real estate, including urban development, design, sales and marketing, Sabreena is actively engaged in gaining practical experience. Currently, she is interning as a marketing coordinator for LCH Developments, further honing her skills and knowledge in the real estate field.


Sabreena’s dedication to her role at TRREA reflects her commitment to fostering a vibrant community within the real estate sector at her university. She understands the value of networking and aims to create enriching opportunities for her fellow students to learn, connect, and thrive in the real estate industry.


In her endeavours, Sabreena aims to leverage her education, experiences, and network to secure a fulfilling full-time position. Here, she envisions the chance to contribute her passion, apply her skills, and unleash her creativity to establish a prominent presence and make a lasting impact in the real estate industry.