Santiago Ibarra

General Associate

Santiago Ibarra Mendez, a dedicated second-year international student, is currently pursuing a major in real estate, driven by a profound passion for the intricacies of the market. Renowned for his strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, Santiago combines academic rigor with a keen interest in real estate dynamics.

In joining TRREA, Santiago aims to forge connections with individuals who share his enthusiasm for real estate. His decision stems from a desire to meet like-minded peers, establish useful connections, and explore diverse opportunities within the organization. The prospect of working across multiple departments aligns with his goal of gaining a holistic understanding of the industry.

Santiago envisions TRREA as a catalyst for his personal and professional growth. By aligning the experience gained with his second-year real estate classes, he seeks to derive a practical advantage and better prepare for his future career. His aspiration is for TRREA to serve not only as a valuable experiential learning opportunity but also as a strategic asset that complements his academic pursuits, providing a distinctive advantage as he progresses through his second year and beyond.