Shahram Fahadi

Conference Associate

Shahram Farhaid is currently serving as a Conference Associate for the 2023-24 academic year with the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association. He is a dedicated fifth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the Business Technology Management Program at Toronto Metropolitan University.


Shahram has always been passionate about community involvement and seizing opportunities as they arise. His decision to take on the role of Conference Associate with TRREA stems from his desire to play a significant role in organizing conferences that benefit fellow students, providing them with valuable learning and growth opportunities. Simultaneously, he aims to enhance his own skills and knowledge throughout this experience. Shahram’s motivation for joining TRREA is closely tied to his long-term goal of becoming a Realtor. By becoming part of the association, he aspires to gain deeper insights into the real estate industry, which will undoubtedly be invaluable in his future career.


Ultimately, Shahram is focused on securing a full-time role in Consulting. He believes that by immersing himself in the industry and networking with experienced individuals, he will acquire the knowledge and resources necessary for his future success.