Taylor Palaroan

Marketing Associate

Taylor Palaroan is a fourth-year business management student at TRSM, specializing in real estate management while pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. Her journey at the Ted Rogers School of Management led her to seek ways to become more deeply involved with the school, which ultimately led her to join TRREA, a club whose core values strongly resonated with her. Currently, she serves as a marketing associate on this year’s TRREA marketing team.


Taylor is an outgoing individual who thrives on social interactions and forming connections with new people. Her passion for real estate dates back to her high school days when she was contemplating her career path for post-secondary. It was during this time that her fascination with real estate was ignited, prompting her to choose the Ted Rogers School of Management for her bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Management due to its dynamic environment. Over the years, her love for the real estate industry has only grown, and she aspires to continue along this career trajectory.


In her role as a marketing associate, Taylor is adept at connecting with others, crafting engaging content, and designing innovative marketing materials to captivate audiences within the real estate industry. She hopes that her contributions will not only inform and engage but also inspire like-minded individuals to pursue their own passions in the realm of real estate.