Tehreem Awan

Conference Associate

Tehreem Awan is currently serving as a conference associate in the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association for the 2023-2024 academic year. She is a dedicated law and business third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the Business  Management Program at Toronto Metropolitan University.  


Tehreem decided to take on this role at Ted Rogers Real Estate Management (TRREA) because the field of real estate truly sparks her interest. Even though she doesn’t have prior experience in real estate, she is eager to learn and immerse herself in the industry. She believes that with her dedication and the knowledge she will gain at TRREA, she can contribute meaningfully to the team. Joining TRREA offers her the perfect platform to grow professionally and be part of an esteemed organization in the real estate sector. 


A significant goal Tehreem has set for herself by the end of the school year is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry, from its market dynamics to its operational intricacies. Even though she is relatively new to this field, her passion for learning and growth is unwavering. TRREA, with its esteemed reputation and expertise in real estate management, provides her with the necessary resources, mentorship, and hands-on experience to achieve this goal. She believes that with TRREA’s supportive environment, she can bridge her academic knowledge with practical industry insights, setting a strong foundation for her future in real estate.