Will Zawada

Events Associate

Will Zawada is a driven fourth-year Real Estate student at Toronto Metropolitan University, with both international and local real estate experience. Growing up in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, early exposure to the real estate industry there has been complemented by his work in the Toronto market. Currently, Will plays an active role on the events team for the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association, committed to both academic and professional growth in the field. With his unique blend of global insights and local experience, Will is poised to make a significant impact in the real estate sector here in Toronto as he continues to pursue his education and professional endeavours.


Will Zawada joined the Ted Rogers Real Estate Association (TRREA) with the intention of developing connections within the real estate industry by networking with seasoned experts. Additionally, he recognized the immense opportunity within TRREA to forge meaningful relationships with fellow students who share his passion for the real estate sector, providing a collaborative and supportive environment. In his pursuit of excellence in the field, Will believes these connections and relationships will be instrumental in shaping his future career.


By the end of the year, Will Zawada’s aim is to broaden his professional network within the real estate community of Toronto. He plans to achieve this goal by actively contributing to the planning and successful execution of various networking events.