Website development & design team


The team of 2023/2024 was the first year to ever have their own IT and Analytics department. The website was created on a new platform and started from scratch. Undergoing many different ideas along with design and development implementations it has made a tremendous change. At the end of the term we will recap some of the stuff the team was able to accomplish and some of each members goals.

Filip Popovic

VP of IT & Analytics

Moeez Ali


Tenzin Pelsang


Zwe Naing

General Assosciate


After the Universities rebranding from Ryerson University to Toronto Metropolitan University, the school club name also transitioned to TRREA. Bemrich solely created a new website for the student club to have something available for students wanting to find more info.

Bemrich passed on the opportunity to the 2023/2024 team.

Bemrich Ayuson

VP of Marketing